Eraideird ("Middle lands" or " Lands in between") are bounded by the Silver mountians in the east.

The Land Edit

Most of Eraideird is covered by meadows and fields, a smaller part by woods, pastures and moorlands (mainly in the east)

The People Edit

The majority of the inhabitants are Men, of three different branches:

Westmen, or "veorian" tribes are the original inhabitants of western Eraideird. One part of them are the Tasanairi, those who stayed in Eraideird the whole time became divided into three tribes: the Halladari (north), Eradhians (middle), and Berain (west)

Hillmen, or "dencadhian" tribes came from the south along the western foothills of the Silver mountains. The most important group are the Rhagladdim.

Northmen, or "eoradian" peoples came as mercenaries after the collapse of Arhathon.

Regions Edit

  1. Ardeir

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